An image of an older man meeting with a doctor to represent "Medicaid Planning Services in Waynesville NC" symbolically

With nursing home costs rising rapidly, and Medicaid regulations changing frequently, it is essential to engage a knowledgeable legal professional if you think that you or a loved one might be interested in qualifying for Medicaid benefits for long-term care.

We have a great deal of experience in helping clients to understand the rules concerning Medicaid qualification, the gifting of assets (sometimes also known as the “lookback period”), and the claw back of assets upon the death of a Medicaid recipient.

We take a close look at a client’s income and assets, as well as the client’s health status, to chart the most sensible course possible. We also look at what alternatives to Medicaid qualification may be available, including analyzing long term care insurance policies when appropriate.

Our comprehensive approach often able to help clients to preserve more of their assets than they might have thought possible.